What curriculum should I use?

here There are as many methods of homeschooling as there are families who do it! First time homeschoolers tend to want things all laid out and planned for them, and that's a perfectly good way to find your footing. If you continue longer, you will begin to branch out and find your own method and materials. But here are some links discussing different styles and the types of curriculum that go with them.


Tastylia italy What homeschool curriculum should I use? A good description of various types of curricula and how to figure out what fits your family best.


enter site Considering methods & styles of homeschooling 


http://nova.konex-center.si/?nioask=indicador-divergencias-forex&313=9e The click-o-matic guide to choosing a homeschool approach
The Click-O-Matic approach to looking at curriculum may help you find just what you’ve been looking for!

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